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Bodhi Yatra Travels

A three guys walking in different avenues of life with a common passion of offering Spiritual tourism . This way their passion of traveling would be quenched as well. We are all connected by love for travel and seeking the happiness integrating travel as first exploring experience and later directed to self searching tool .

Forming a brand new company with novelty and offering a service to remember. The honest and entrepreneurial attitude will be our USP of the company. We deliver what we promise with the highest standard to maintain.

There is a universal desire for people to connect with deeper things in life and we would like to be the link to offer you the best things available in Nepal and other various countries.


Dawa Sherpa
He has been a guy who has learned from books and more from his travels. He has his Master’s Degree in Sociology and BA HONS degree in International Business from Amsterdam School of Business and University Of Plymouth.
He believes Nepal has so much to offer and we just need to package and serve it good for the betterment of the people coming to Nepal. He believes in playing a better host and showing the best of Nepal to the people from abroad. He also believes people from Nepal deserve to see the better part of other countries around the world.


Ang Tandi Sherpa (Tika Lama Sherpa)
He has been a Buddhist Scholar for a very long time. His works of translation of Tibetan texts into English and Nepali. His travel to various major countries of the world has opened up and he feels world is very small and people travel extensively to find the best things needed in life.

Samten Gurung
Samten had been working in South Korea for sometime when he came back to Nepal. He saw lots of opportunity in Inbound and outbound travel. Catering both the customers would be a memorable experience for them. This motivated him to pursue the travel business.